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High Precision NTC Temperature Sensor For Refrigerator Temperature Test

High Precision NTC Temperature Sensor For Refrigerator Temperature Test

ภาพใหญ่ :  High Precision NTC Temperature Sensor For Refrigerator Temperature Test


Place of Origin: CHINA
ชื่อแบรนด์: UCHI
ได้รับการรับรอง: ROHS
Model Number: NSB103FX500A


Minimum Order Quantity: 1000PCS
Packaging Details: BULK
Delivery Time: 7 WORKDAY
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 100000000PCS PER MONTH

High Precision NTC Temperature Sensor For Refrigerator Temperature Test




Quick Detail


1.1 Features


1. High precision high stability

2. Quick temperature response

3. Resistant to heat shock

4. Moisture resistant

5.Excellent quality and high stability by high technical mass production


1.2 Applications


Temperature test in kinds of air-condition,refrigerator,hot boiler,microwave oven.



2.0 Structure And Dimensions


2.1 Standard Configurations And Dimensions



3.0 Part Number Code


×× × ××× × × ××××

① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥

  •  NTC temperature sensors code
  •  Housing Type
  • Nominal Resistance at 90℃
  •  Resistance Tolerance(%)
Code E F G H J X

Tolerance of R90

±0.5 ±1.0 ±2.0 ±3.0 ±5.0

Specific tolerance

  •  B Value
  •  Wire Length(mm)

4.0 Performance Parameter


4.1 Resistance(R90)



test method:90℃±0.1℃.(90℃±0.1℃ in the oil.)


4.2Thermal time Constant(τ)


requirement:τMax15s, τMax18s

test method:In the water, When the products be put into the water at 25℃ from the water at 50℃, Thermal time constant is the time that cost by the resistance becoming to be the value at34.2℃.


4.3Dissipation Constant(δ)


requirement:3mw/℃,3mW/℃(min, in air)

test method(The product will be join with the following circuit at 25±0.5℃ in still air.





4.4 Max.rated power



calculating method:P≈δ×(80℃-25℃)

80℃ is the maximum temperature that the product is heat by itself.


4.5Insulation resistance



test condition:At DC 500v.


4.6withstanding voltage


requirement:There shall be no evidence of damage during the test.

test condition:AC 1500V for a One second,Permissible Current 5mA.


4.7Max. Permissible Current



test condition:The current which can be applied to the sensor for rised upper limit of operating temp. range at 25℃ in still air.


4.8 Temperature -40--105


  1. 0 Reliability Characteristics
Testing item Requirement Testing method and condition.

Temperature Cycling.

  • R/R25<±2%,
  • B/B<±2%,
  • R/R25<±2%,
  • B/B<±2%,

Dielectric withstanding voltage and insulation sistance not change.

There shall be no evidence of damage during the test.

-30℃,10min Room temperature 10min 100℃, 30min [in coolant ] [in water ]

Charge test


Placed for 500hours Applting DC 1 mA at RT.

Heat resistance test

Charged 500hours at 100±2℃ in air.

Cold resistance test

Charged 500hours at -30±2℃ in air.

Bias humidity test 500hrs.Placed 500hours at 55±2℃ 90%~95%RH.

Lead wire crimping strength


1 min load with 3kg.

Drop test From height 1m drop on concrete floor 10 times.
Vibration test


Amplitude Modulation:1.52mm

one time: 1 min.

Direction and time:X,Y and Z direction for 2hrs.


adder speed:250m/s2,

pulse duration:6ms


Bending test

180°for 10 times bending the part between wire and epoxy.


6.0 Method of the stockpile

6.1 The height of stacks products cannot overbalance four boxes,in the stackpile and the course of transport.

6.2 The packing products of inside must placed desiccant.Allowance used the angone way to transport,but must prevent therain and the snow direct or indirect shower bath and damnification of these products.

6.3 The products are stockpiles candition of the tencperature is about -10℃/+40℃,the opposite humidity not bigger too 80%,acidic and alkalescent of substance,erode gas or radiant point are not should enclose the products.









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